Best Concrete Walling South Africa

Super Duty Walling manufactures high strength concrete walling for industrial, commercial, government and manufacturing sectors across Johannesburg. We offer security and quality that you can depend on.

Our heavy-duty precast panels and walls are manufactured using the highest standards. We use only the finest raw materials to ensure our top-notch quality. In addition, our precast concrete walls are tested to guarantee your satisfaction.

Concrete Walling Services East Rand

Super Duty Walling is the ultimate solution for your concrete walling needs, from design to installation.

Our team of walling experts provide face to face communication during all stages of the project.

Advantages of High Security Walling

Heavy duty walling is one of the quickest ways to guarantee safety and security.
Here are more reasons to opt for heavy duty concrete walling:

  • Consistent quality – our precast heavy duty walling are manufactured in a controlled environment and exhibit uniformity and quality that is consistent.
  • Strength – we use high quality raw materials to ensure your safety and our walls are more that 20MPa in strength.
  • Waterproof – our concrete walls are suited for all weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance – concrete walling is the ideal security walling solution because it requires little to no maintenance and is easy to repair.

Super Duty Walling Guarantee

Our Super Duty precast concrete walling offers high strength security like no other. We guarantee your peace of mind with three metres of solid concrete walling installed with heavy duty cranes. Our heavy-duty concrete walling system extends to long term projects looking for solid security. Our team of professionals ensure a seamless, stress free installation. Plus, our on-site quoting service guarantees accurate pricing and provides the satisfaction of face to face communication.

We know heavy duty concrete walling – tell us how we can help you.