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Super Duty Walling Product Profile

Super Duty Walling offers high strength security walling like no other.

We guarantee your peace of mind with three metres of solid concrete walling installed with heavy duty cranes. Our heavy-duty concrete walling system extends to long term projects looking for solid security. Our team of professionals insure a seamless, stress free installation. Plus, our on-site quoting service guarantees accurate pricing and provides the satisfaction of face to face communication.

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Heavy Duty Walling Panel Specs


The length of our heavy duty walling slabs are 6000mm and are set 900mm below ground level to obtain a 3m wall height.

  • Our slabs are 1200mm high x 120mm thick
  • Each slab has two layers of reinforcement mesh covering the full length and height of the slabs
  • Each slab is installed with high density foam between them that is 6000 x 100 x 5mm thick
  • The bottom slab is set 900mm below ground level which creates a 3m wall heigh
Panel Specs


Heavy Duty Wall Post Specs


The length of our heavy duty concrete wall posts are 6000mm.

  • Our wall posts are set in 1250 x 1100 x 900mm deep footings.
  • The bottom of our footings is set 900mm below ground level.
  • The minimum strength of our concrete footings is 20MPa and more

See image for a cross-sectional dimension of our heavy duty concrete wall posts.


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Post Specs